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The Top Five Qualities to Consider When Vetting the Ultimate Lending Partner

Offering mortgage products is critical to a credit unionís success; however, the risk, complexity, and cost of lending have forced some community institutions to partner. more>

Identifying Loan Portfolio Risks Early

It can be seductive for a loan officer, a loan manager, or even a CEO to think that once a loan has been approved and funded the work is done. In reality, loan portfolios require constant monitoring and oversight. more>

Seven Steps to Subprime Success

Lending consultants offer seven pointers on creating a thriving subprime auto loan program. more>

Members Are Mobilizing at a Rapid Pace

Credit unions late into the mobile game are losing more members than they'll ever know about. Those members will move on and they'll never come back. more>

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

There have been a variety of articles in the financial press over the last few months speculating whether we're experiencing either an auto lending bubble, an auto sales bubble, or a sub-prime bubble. more>

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