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CFPB Sues Lender for False Claims of Government Affiliation

Three mortgage companies alleged to have misled consumers about U.S. government approval of its products are the subject of action taken last week by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). more>

Will CFPB Make Handling Delinquent Loans Even More Difficult?

It may—at least in relation to mortgage loans involving bankrupt borrowers. more>

April 29: Virtual Roundtable "Making Better, Faster Lending Decisions Using Data and Analytics "

Credit Unions face stiff competition in the lending game, especially when members are constantly on the move. How can credit unions keep up with the pace of consumer loan demand while ensuring that their portfolios remain safe and sound? more>

Online Lending Is the New Normal

Online lending platforms will enable one-third of all loans within the next decade, says Vince Passione, CEO/founder LendKey Technologies, a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider. more>

Five Ways Credit Unions Can Connect with Realtors

When neighbors talk about moving over a back fence, your credit union should be part of that conversation. So why do so few of your members get a home loan from your credit union? Because realtors steer them to other sources. more>

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